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It’s an exciting time to be developing your career in the health and social care sector.

Employers are keener than ever to attract qualified and dedicated people to help them achieve their ambitions for their organisations and the people they support.

We’re not just about filling vacancies – our experienced consultants will support you as a mentor and objective careers advisor. From CV advice to in-depth career planning, we will assess your skills and experience to date and work with you to develop a strategy which will allow you to achieve your short, medium and long term objectives.

We’ll be by your side.

Whether you’re excited by the prospect, or daunted by job hunting, you can trust Paradigm consultants to do the heavy lifting for you. We’ll be by your side from the ‘discovery’ conversations, all the way through to your first day in your new role – and beyond.

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What makes Paradigm unique?

Because Paradigm consultants focus on permanent vacancies, they understand how much is riding on their candidates making successful and rewarding career moves.

It’s easy to say that our consultants go above and beyond for our clients and candidates, and have exceptional knowledge and understanding of the social care sector. In Paradigm’s case, we can point to distinct actions and outcomes to back up that claim.

Our relationships with candidates and clients are true partnerships, and this is never clearer than in our interview performance. Advanced search, selection and shortlisting techniques coupled with thorough groundwork and exemplary preparation, means that our interview to offer ratios are second to none.

We’re confident that our efforts and the work we do enhances the lives of our candidates and is instrumental in helping our public sector clients achieve their ambitions.

Plan your career with Paradigm

There’s no time like the present to take a moment to review your career.

As a qualified social care professional, you’ll have the foundations in place, but there are relevant questions for everyone, whatever level you’re at.

Your Paradigm consultant will help you consider your skills and pinpoint what you find the most rewarding in your current role. They will ask about where you are now, where you want to get to, and provide a practical and manageable action plan which will help you get from A to B.


One of the great elements of a social care career is the ongoing commitment to continuous professional development (CPD). Even though it might feel difficult to squeeze CPD into a busy schedule, used properly, that time and opportunity will provide the opportunity to take stock, reflect and plan ahead.

Frontline or management?

In the past, career progression in social care might have been focused on taking experienced professionals into management and away from frontline work. This certainly doesn’t have to be the case: there’s a real interest in developing best practice and directing it where it’s needed most. If you’re motivated to bridge the gap between strategic management and practice work, the principal social worker route might be for you.

How to get ahead

There are many ways to enrich your knowledge and build your career. There are hundreds of social care professionals and organisations who are active on social media channels such as Twitter or LinkedIn. Search out active groups and networks to build your network and connecting with like-minded communities online. Social media can also be a powerful learning tool, as it gives you access to a wide range of opinion, policy updates and research. It’s also amazing how helpful the Twitterverse can be!

Search for your next role

Wherever you are in your career, Paradigm Professional Consultancy is likely to have access to the opportunities which will help you make the next, important step.

Register with us

You can upload a copy of your CV here, or through the contact page. One of our consultants will follow up by phone to introduce themselves and explain how we can help you to secure your ideal position.

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