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It’s no secret that the social care sector is facing a shortage of skilled candidates for vacancies right across the board.

Employers have seen a shift in the attitudes of their workers, many of whom have made the move from permanent contracts to agency or locum work. They have been attracted by increased flexibility and shorter assignments.

We talk to workers right around the country every day of the week. For many of them, it’s not only about getting the work/life balance right, but it’s also about having the support around them so that they can spend the time they need building relationships with the people they support.

We won’t rest until we understand exactly how the organisation works.

Paradigm’s clients rely on us to develop their employment brand. They know that we won’t rest until we understand exactly how the organisation works, and align ourselves with the culture, demographics and future plans. It’s that unique approach that sets us apart from our competitors and allows us to work with employers to tackle the skills shortage, find the talent they need.

Whatever your hiring strategy, we’ll find a service to fit:

  • Retained business
  • One off recruitment
  • Campaign management
  • Ongoing candidate attraction

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Supporting Employers

At Paradigm, we take pride in our role as a steadfast supporter of our clients. Our commitment extends beyond recruitment. We help our clients to streamline recruitment processes and manage resources and workloads. We emphasise the critical importance of achieving the right balance between newly qualified and experienced staff.

We will help build your reputation

We’re not just recruitment partners, but by getting to know our clients, we actively contribute to building their reputations. By immersing ourselves in their ethos, we become ambassadors for positive change, ensuring that positives are communicated to potential candidates – and the wider sector.