Candidate FAQ

Candidate FAQ

Why Paradigm

Paradigm specialises in a range of social care roles, including children’s social worker jobs, residential social worker jobs, positions in adult social care, fostering, and more. Explore our sectors to discover impactful opportunities.

Yes, Paradigm offers rewarding positions working with disabled children in various settings, such as schools, hospitals, and public sector organisations.

Safeguarding and child protection roles at Paradigm involve crucial responsibilities in ensuring the well-being and safety of children. Explore our vacancies in this essential area.

Absolutely, Paradigm provides occupational therapist jobs in the UK, allowing professionals to contribute to the well-being and recovery of individuals across diverse care pathways and settings.

Paradigm works with boarding schools and residential schools. People in these roles contribute to the well-being and development of students and the smooth running of the setting.

Explore opportunities in these educational settings.

Paradigm works with foster care agencies and local authorities and helps them find the people they need for foster care jobs. It’s a crucial part of the care system, and we’re proud to support the individuals who are dedicated to making a positive impact in fostering environments.

Our adult social care jobs in the UK cover a broad spectrum, including roles in local authorities, hospitals, and community projects.

Engaging with clients, their families and various stakeholders, our social workers cater to diverse client groups, offering specialised support to the elderly and adults with learning and physical difficulties.

We actively source professionals with a keen interest in mental health, ensuring a specialised focus in this critical area. We also support social workers who choose alternative paths, whether research, administrative roles, or management routes.

Explore our opportunities to contribute to the well-being of adults with diverse needs.

Certainly! Paradigm offers roles for MASH social workers and in safeguarding and child protection. These roles play a crucial part in ensuring the safety of children.

Paradigm's approach and expertise

By exclusively focusing on permanent vacancies, Paradigm is fully committed to our candidates and their careers. Our seasoned consultants bring exceptional knowledge and insight, delivering tangible results that set industry benchmarks.

Wherever possible, Paradigm is happy to support continuous professional development (CPD). It’s such an important part of any social worker’s career, but it’s not always easy to fit CPD into a busy schedule.

Whether pursuing frontline or management roles, we help professionals navigate career progression and leverage social media as a powerful learning tool.

Paradigm’s international specialists collaborate with skilled professionals globally, guiding them through a seamless process from application to successful relocation.

Our expansive talent pool enhances opportunities for UK-based employers, fostering valuable global collaborations.

Stay informed about the latest social care career opportunities by signing up for job alerts, regularly checking our website and engaging with us on social media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn. Join active groups and networks for valuable insights, policy updates, and research in the social care community.

Our sectors

We make sure we have a deep understanding of our clients’ requirements, and our candidates’ aspirations.

Our consultants invest time and effort getting to know what drives individuals, ensuring they find the ‘best fit’ opportunity in every case.

Paradigm focuses on qualified social care for children and adults. This means we work with local authorities and other employers such as:

  • Residential social care settings
  • Allied health such as occupational therapy
  • UK opportunities for overseas candidates
  • The third sector.

We’re committed to supporting social care employers and their employees by helping them to meet their objectives and develop satisfying and rewarding careers. More than simply meeting staffing needs, we are also supporting a community of social work professionals and helping them succeed.

Integrity is the cornerstone of Paradigm’s recruitment process. We uphold the highest standards of honesty and transparency, building trust with clients and candidates throughout the recruitment journey.

By supporting local authorities to deliver children’s and family services, we add our weight to the work being carried out by social workers. We ensure that Paradigm operates with honesty and transparency and our employee blueprint starts with customer service, closely followed by ambition – to do a good job, to progress, and to embody our values consistently and with authenticity.

We play a crucial role in aiding and supporting vulnerable individuals in communities. Explore our opportunities to contribute to positive change.

Paradigm brings exceptional public sector professionals together with employers who are committed to a positive and secure environment for adults and children. This is reflected in our gold-standard customer service.

Paradigm actively connects skilled professionals with non-governmental and not-for-profit organisations. We’re proud to play our part in the positive change our client organisations and social work candidates carry out.

Paradigm recognises the invaluable contribution occupational therapists have to play in social care. We are committed to finding them opportunities where their expertise can make a meaningful impact and they can develop satisfying careers.

Whether in hospitals, rehabilitation centres, or community settings, occupational therapists play a vital role in ensuring comprehensive and personalised care.

Paradigm’s focus on permanent vacancies allows our consultants to grasp the profound impact of candidates’ career transitions. Candidates can expect outcomes that go beyond simple assertions, with tangible results showcasing Paradigm’s dedication, exceptional knowledge, and profound insights into the social care sector.