Our Sectors

Our Sectors

Welcome to Paradigm, where we take pride in our commitment to excellence across a range of sectors.

From qualified social care for children and adults, residential social care and allied health to international opportunities and the third sector, these are not just sectors we operate in—they are our sectors.

Paradigm specialises in connecting skilled professionals with impactful roles, shaping careers, and meeting the unique staffing needs of a wide range of organisations. Explore our sectors and experience how Paradigm transforms work into purpose.

Children's social care

At Paradigm, we take immense pride in our commitment to assisting clients in securing the finest candidates for their children’s social care vacancies throughout the UK.

Adult's social care

Paradigm’s social workers play a crucial role in navigating and resolving the complex issues of the people they are supporting.

Residential social care

We have a wide range of clients who are responsible for providing children’s residential care. We are often asked to find high-calibre candidates for their front-line leadership vacancies.

Allied health

Allied health professionals, including occupational therapists provide specialised care to patients and clients across diverse care pathways and various settings. Their pivotal role extends to the treatment, rehabilitation, and enhancement of the lives of patients within modern health and social care services.


Paradigm’s team of international social work specialists works with skilled and motivated health and social workers from every corner of the globe.

Third sector

Paradigm collaborates extensively with the majority of local authorities in the UK and extends its partnerships to a substantial number of non-governmental, not-for-profit organisations.