Permanency and Boarding Schools

social worker talking to teenager

Permanency and Boarding Schools

We’re working with a local authority to find a social worker for their permanency and boarding schools team. There is also an opening for a team leader.

This role is split between leading on permanency and establishing links into boarding schools, providing an alternative care and education option for children in care.

You will:

  • Work on a one-to-one basis with social workers across the county to support them to progress  plans of adoption, SGO, long term fostering, reunification or discharging of care orders.
  • Oversee where children are living and the patterns of the moves they have, monitor the data for the children in care population and report this back to SLT and Ofsted.
  • Attend Through Care panel to support the multi-agency work to progress permanency for children in care.  You will be the county’s point of contact for all things permanency including boarding schools.
  • Provide services to children and families where boarding schools are being considered. You will track and monitor children in care who have not achieved permanency.
  • Work with social work teams to ensure they have the best quality of care for children in boarding schools, as well as supporting colleagues in co-ordinating holiday, respite and weekend provision where appropriate.
  • Work in partnership with colleagues from Children’s Social Care, Commissioning and boarding schools across the country.
  • Actively engage with all social work teams to consider the use of boarding school provision over other alternative care provision.
  • Link with virtual schools and education commissioners within the county.
  • Liaise with charities and other funders to apply for additional funds towards the education provision, including Springboard and Buttle Trust.